About Meesh

Meesh here! 

I’m a small batch potter and part-time Pottery teacher with 20+ years of pottery experience. In addition to clay work, I am the Arts for All Coordinator at Follow Your Art Community Studios and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion educational consultant. 

Making ceramics, for me, has always been a pursuit of peace, joy, and freedom -- I love letting myself journey along where the clay, my heart, and my hands take me. 


I’ve been making pottery ever since I took a class as a fifth grader when my family lived in Cairo, Egypt.

I continued to hone my craft throughout high school at Phillips Exeter Academy in the United States under the tutelage of the late master potter Ron Burke. Since then, I honed my pottery skills for over the years at home, at the schools where I taught, and at Mudflat Pottery Studios.


Since I first began to work with clay, the process of making functional and sculptural ceramics and the joy of holding a finished product entirely made by me has always been my gift to myself. Working with clay has also been meditative and therapeutic for me — wheel-throwing and hand-building centers and re-centers me.

Up until 2021, I rarely sold my work. In 2021, I created Meesh Pottery in order to give myself the opportunity to create while also having my art contribute some good to others 10% of all sales go to non-profit organizations that serve BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities in need. Check out my Charitable Giving page for more.  

Pricing for all pieces accounts for materials, studio use fees, taxes, shipping materials, and charitable giving.