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Have a special event coming up?

Meesh Pottery makes Mini Love Jars!

What is that?

Wheel-thrown, handmade, one-of-a-kind favors for:

  • weddings

  • birthdays

  • funerals and celebrations of life,

  • baby showers

  • and more!

How do Mini Love Jars work?

Write the name of a beloved (could be a person, place, pet, item, etc.) on a small strip of paper, roll it nice and tight, and place it in the love jar for safekeeping, manifesting, or remembrance.

Since Mini Love Jars are hand-made, you can expect that each piece will be unique, giving each guest a truly one-of-a-kind memento.


  • Pieces are between 1-2 inches tall.

  • Each piece is made with lux red-brown stoneware clay.

  • Pieces are customizable. See below.

  • Minimum order amount: 20

  • Maximum order amount: 150

  • USA Shipping ONLY


  • $17 per piece. Includes mini love jar, glazing, and firing.

  • Customizable Add-ons / Substitutions:

    • Substitute for white porcelain clay: An additional $2 per piece.

    • Lids: 50 cents per piece.

    • Simple Hand-Carved Design: $1.50 per piece.

      • Ex: Ferns, vertical lines, a heart.

    • Ceramic "wax-like" seal on the exterior: $1 per piece.

      • Ex: a heart, initials, simple customizable stamp possible.

  • Additional fees: taxes & shipping calculated based on weight and location.

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Design & Color Options

Pick one color or multiple add carvings or a ceramic "wax-like" seal -- the choice is yours!

Single color with lid and ceramic "wax-like" seal.

Multicolor in Lipstick Red, Red Wine, and Clear

Fern carving in Gardenia

Single color in Gardenia

Glaze Options

Note: Coloration may differ slightly based on the clay body used and based on the piece's location in the kiln.


Lipstick Red


Blue Iris

Red Wine