Melrose Window Art Walk 2021

Meesh Pottery small batch ceramics featured in Melrose Window Art Walk in Melrose, MA, during October 2021.

During the month of October 2021, select Meesh Pottery ceramics are featured at Always Hair for You Hair Salon at 16 Essex St. in Melrose, MA, as part of Melrose Art Walk.

This is my first ever store display! All items on display are for sale. Pricing sheet, availability, and purchasing info linked here!

I got some decorative frames and raffia and fake flowers from Micheal’s to give the window a fall / earthy feel. I made the sign with vinyl stickers custom cut on the Cricut.

I’m grateful to have had a friend help me work through layout and angles to come up with a compelling and attractive display of my work. I felt such a sense of pride to have my work featured in this way.

This year’s display includes a range of one-of-a-kind work — a large wheel-thrown platter, a large wheel-thrown and hand-built vase, two jars, wheel-thrown and hand-built mugs, an imprinted floral butter dish, decorative bowls, and cat & dog figurine ring and hair tie holders.