Pottery Experience

I’ve been making pottery ever since I took a class as a fifth grader when my family lived in Cairo, Egypt.

I continued to hone my craft throughout high school at Phillips Exeter Academy in the United States under the tutelage of master potter Ron Burke.

I’ve been honing my pottery skills over the years at the schools where I teach, at Mudflat Pottery Studios, and as of 2021, in my home studio.

My Process

Since I first began to work with clay, the process of making functional ceramics and the joy of holding a finished product entirely made by me has always been my gift to myself. 

Working with clay has also been meditative and therapeutic for me — wheel-throwing and hand-building centers and re-centers me.


Up until 2021, I rarely sold my work. I amassed quite the collection of handmade pottery which I kept or gifted to friends and family.

I am thrilled to be able to share my work more broadly today.

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Giving Back

Over the past year, I’ve been thinking about ways to continue to give myself the opportunity to create while also having my pieces contribute some good to others.

Check out my Charitable Giving page for more.